Foodie. Digital Content Creator. NYC Lover.

In these NY streets texting and tagging
Here's an emoji list of things that make
Always on my phone engaging
Me...literally everyday lol_

About Sidra

​ I’ve been a super fan of social media since 2004, when I created a MySpace account (Wow, time flies!). Since then, I’ve seen digital media stretch across platforms and evolve into an essential business tool. 

I am a proud Harlem native with a creative spirit and a great eye for all things visual. Whether it’s trying new foods, keeping up with the latest trends or traveling (all Top Ten on my favorites list), I love embracing new challenges and ways to grow personally & professionally.

After completing my B.A. at Temple University, I returned to New York City to study marketing at Hunter College. The lessons I've learned in and out of the classroom have shaped my professional growth as a social media and email marketer. Using Instagram to build an online presence is one of my strongest skills – one that allows me to share my interests and continue to establish my social media services.


Sidra Startups mission is just that, to start-UP your digital presence through research, strategy, high quality posts, active engagement, & creative design.